mc-wm4 (650x560)mc-wm4 (650x560)

Mouse Modecom wireless MC-WM4 black-gray


High-quality wireless optical mouse with perfect work ergonomy.
The mouse is equipped with optical chipset of high resolution with regulated DPI between 800 and 1600. DPI may be changed with the use of convenient button placed on the top.
MC-WM4 is powered by one AA battery (the battery is enclosed to the mouse).

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Mouse Modecom wireless MC-WM4 black-gray

Model: MC-WM4
Dimensions: 98 × 70 × 38 mm
Interface: Nano receiver (via USB)
Sensor: Optical
Resolution 800/1600 DPI
Supported operating systems: Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 Linux Mac OS X
Colour: White, red, blue, black
Type Wireless
Recommended for Home/Office